The Matriarch... The Queen... The Boss Bitch...

Laura Liberty Bean-Fernandez aka Libby

Wibby. Widdle Wibby. Wiggy. Wiggins. Wigwam. 

Weeb. M'Weeba. Smol. Tiny Hiney. Bleppy Baby.

Shih Tzu - 18 years old in April 2023

Yes, you read that correctly - EIGHTEEN!

Daddy's Girl... The Loyalest... The Sweetest...

Lucy Girl Fernandez aka Lucy

Lu-Seal. Lu-Neal. Lu-suhl. Looney. 

Seal. Lulu. Brown. Triple B. 

Chocolate Lab - 12 years old in July 2023

The Man of the House... The Comedian... The Mediator...

Snoop Dogg Fernandez aka Snoop

Snoopy. Noop. Nooper. Noonie. Noonbags. Noonavic. 

Snoob Job. Nurse Noonie. Neen. NeeNee. 

Noonie Nuggs. Nugget. Ham Sammich. Bread Loaf Baby.

Chug - 10 years old in May 2023

Chet Beaker - parakeet

1 year old in June 2023

Benny Goodbird - parakeet

1 year old in March 2023

Archimedes "Archie" Bongo Conure

Green Cheek Conure

1 year old in October 2023

Yes, I'm one of "those people" who created an Instagram for her dogs. Only, unlike all the viral accounts, I don't post nearly often enough. Regardless, feel free to follow along by clicking here!